Dec 25, 2012

Three C's and a floor lamp

In the living room, there are still few more details we'd like to share with you more closely. Thus in today's posting, we'd like to address the ceiling, a couch, a coffee table and a floor lamp.

First, the ceiling. It has actually been quite a controversial topic from the very beginning. It basically divides people in two categories: to those who insist it to be painted white, and those who prefer it unpainted. From the start, we have belonged to the latter category, and thus the ceiling remains unpainted, whereas the red brick walls were painted white. Together, the wooden ceiling and white brick walls create a very inviting, natural, and Scandinavian look.

The view from the front door

Most of our furniture and lights are vintage, more specifically from the 1950's. The couch, however, is new, as couches from 1950's are small in size and not very well acclaimed for their coziness. In addition, we wanted the couch to be visually light but still somehow match the 1950's style prominent in the apartment. Therefore, we turned our eye on the Italian maestro Piero Lissoni, known for great couch design over the years. 

The sofa in question, called Toot, is manufactured by Italian company Cassina (2009) and fullfills all our preset criteria. It is also a great platform for a bunch of Kilim pillows (another obsession from the past). Naturally, the pillow colors were chosen to round up the color palette of the home.

Long enough for a lengthy dog?

Next, in front of the Toot sofa is a coffee table from another maestro, Danish modernist Hans J. Wegner. The table in our living room is called AT10 and it is manufactured by Andreas Tuck (1955). It is made of solid teak and has an underlying shelf made with woven cane. Wegner is considered one of the most influential furniture designer of the 20th century, thus being a synonym for the mid century Danish design. Over the years, he has designed over 500 different chairs with many different wood types and styles. The carpet under the table is from Artek.

Solid teak top with a raised edge

Behind the Toot sofa is a curtain made of wooden sticks. This is something which was originally prepared for our previous place to separate the foyer and the living room. When we moved in, it was delighting to notice the wooden curtain fits perfectly on the big windows without any major modifications. The large windows are beautiful and give character to the apartment, but the downside becomes noticeable during the winter: although the apartment is generally quite warm, the windows tend to radiate cold when the temperature drops below the freezing point. 

Wooden curtain

In the far end of the couch is Pekka's favorite piece of lighting, a floor lamp manufactured by company called Hiemstra Evolux from Amsterdam. The floor lamp is a real Dutch vintage design classic (1955), with a typical late fifties color scheme. It is not quite sure who is the original designer, but it is thought to be attributed to Leo Rutjens. The floor lamp provides both direct (downwards) and indirect (upwards) light. It is another one of those items which just all of a sudden appeared out of nowhere...

Hiemstra Evolux

And guess who loves the Toot sofa most of all? In Urho's opinion, the couch and the Kilim pillows are a perfect match to accommodate his needs, which basically revolve around relaxing, sleeping and just general procrastination. 

Don't mind modeling at all...

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