Dec 15, 2012

Christmas surprises

In Minna's family, the kids used to have a Christmas calendar Santa's little helpers brought surprises every night. It might have been some candy, socks, candles, or anything. Sometimes it was just a little note telling where you need to look, or a string attached you needed to follow to find the days surprise. As all kids enjoy a treasure hunt and treats, we wanted to start a similar tradition of our own, and make a calendar starting from Baby Sofi's first Christmas.

So, let's make a calendar! The wooden drawers were found from Ikea and the numbers from Tiimari (-50% off). The wooden drawers were treated with wood oil. Minna applied the first layer with a rag, which was very slow, and Pekka suggested that she would use a paint brush instead. So the next day Minna picked up a paint brush she thought was perfect for the job.

In the evening Pekka asked if it had been any easier to apply the oil with the brush. Yes it was, but according to Minna it was a little tricky as there always seemed to be a bit too much oil in the brush. The project, however, was finished and the calendar looked great.

How many nights to Christmas?
A bit later Pekka spotted the paint brush in question and started to laugh. It was a fine brush, yes - just maybe six sizes too big for the task! Minna's thinking had been that with a large brush, it will be faster to finish the project as more surface can be covered with one sweep. This logic, however, only goes to show she still has a thing or two to learn about painting!

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