Jun 13, 2016

Slate stairs

The concrete stairs casted last autumn have been screaming for a slate layer to cover them up. So Pekka started by covering the vertical parts. The first step was to attach the slates with cement.

Vertical cover before cutting

Vertical cover before cutting

Then he cut off the excess - a procedure which is both noisy and messy. Next, Pekka started covering the top of the stairs. Sofi and Eino, always eager to help, entertained each other in the far corner of the terrace. Sofi proved to be pretty good in seaming. Eino, on the other hand, focused mostly on making a mess.

Meanwhile in the left side corner

One by one, the stairs are getting covered with slate. Another Pekka's ambitious ideas is starting to slowly materialise, and let's admit it - once again, he was absolutely right. It is going to be a fine set of stairs!

First two stairs covered

Five steps completed

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