Jun 12, 2016

Eleven white cedars

Next, we wanted to plant a row of smaller white cedars (Thuja occidentals) to give our terrace a bit of privacy. So Pekka drove to Puutarhatukku to pick up the white cedars. The day was beautiful, and the garden view - motivating.

Arriving to Puutarhatukku

We decided to plant 11 white cedars to form a green wall to the right of the terrace.

Ready to plant

And just like that, they were up. The cedars now rise approximately to 1.1 meters, and are expected to grow maybe 15 cm each year.

Lined up

It is fantastic to witness the changes on the backyard. The project has been ongoing for a year, and now things have really speeded up. We are crossing our fingers that perhaps towards the end of this summer, we can finally sit down, relax, and enjoy a cold bear - at our new terrace!

Overview from the back


  1. I really like the style your terrace is getting. You are doing a really great job and I hope you will be able to enjoy soon this space.
    I would like to know why did you choose to plant those white cedars so close to your terrace. Is it a dwarf species? They have a pretty bad reputation here in France...

    1. Thank you! Perhaps in a few weeks it will be ready...

      The location of the white cedars is chosen because we wanted to secure the terrace area some privacy. The building is set in a way that from the right side neighbours terrace, it is very easy to see back to ours just by turning one's head. The condo association is discussing setting some fences between the apartment terraces, so the time might come when we simply move the cedars somewhere else, especially if they start growing like crazy!