Jun 19, 2016

Fixing and cleaning

After seaming, a few more details need to be taken care of before we can rent a sanding machine and finish the surface. There were a few nooks which would collect water so Pekka spent an evening correcting those. Eino, who is quite keen on tools, cables and cars, followed with great curiosity.

Like father like son

Tonight, we also took the first step to start cleaning up the terrace. Most of the junk has been carried away, as we need clear the area for sanding and protecting. To start with the easiest one, however, Minna washed a white structure between up- and downstairs. The brick walls will follow soon, as they are covered with spots of cement dust and other dirt.  

Before and after

Much whiter (and better)!

Let's see if all the details are ready before reaching the first year celebration of the terrace project. Only two more stairs, sanding, protecting and cleaning. And then, we can hang up the hammock!

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