Jun 10, 2016

Moving white cedars

In addition to the terrace, backyard is another key item on our (endless) to-do list for this summer. We have been going back and forth what to do with it, whether just to tear everything away and start from the scratch or try to work what has been planted already and see what we can make of it. Slowly, we have been leaning towards the latter. Some twenty years ago someone had really put some thought into it, and it would be shame to destroy everything.

At the same time, our friends Maija and Jouni are doing some major work on their yard. When Jouni mentioned they are going to get rid of three white cedars, Pekka got an idea. Those beautiful white cedars, instead of getting burned away in sauna, should move to our backyard! And very soon, Jouni found himself helping Pekka to dig the trees out of ground.

Digging around a cedar

Little assistant observing

First, Pekka and Jouni planned to keep the root ball intact to ensure successful transfer. However, weighing over 200 kg it was just way too heavy to be moved, so they needed to cut it a bit. And a bit more.

Ready to go!

Gone with manpower

Finally, after hours of intense digging, sweating and inevitable swearing, the white cedars were all packed up and ready to start their journey.

Three white cedars on the road

And then the digging, sweating and swearing continued. After eight hours, the white cedar #1 was up, located next to the stairs Pekka has been building. Interestingly, it seemed so much bigger on our yard than in its original place raising to the level of the atrium railing. But it was beautiful. The other two white cedars needed to wait a bit. Enough is enough for one day.

Cedar #1

Cedar #1

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