Dec 2, 2014

New name, new opportunities: Olive Green!

We have been writing this blog under the name of Olive Green Window for about 2.5 years. Somewhere along the way an idea was born: perhaps one day we'd expand a bit, go beyond just blogging. But evolution takes time, and we did not want to rush things.

During the past two years, it has been a pleasant surprise to see a solid growth in the number of viewers. Opportunities for different collaborations have also appeared. Certain services have also been identified where Pekka's expertise could be valuable to an MCM enthusiast or a DIY soul.

So we decided to start a small business. Naturally, the name would reflect what we have already been doing, so an obvious choice was to name the business after the blog. Unfortunately, to avoid confusion with another local business, we could not choose Olive Green Window.

After a bit of thinking, the decision was to drop the word "window", and go with a simple solution - "Olive Green". Thus the name of the blog will soon be changed to Olive Green, but everything else - the writers, the content and the other key characters, including Urho, will remain the same.

Dear readers, we ever so kindly thank you for your continuous interest, and hope you keep on enjoying what we have to offer!


Minna & Pekka

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