Nov 18, 2014

Heads up: For sale!

For all of you who adore Scandinavian Modernist architecture, here is an intriguing opportunity! One of the ten units in our apartment building will be soon for sale. The apartment is located in the west end of the complex, and as an additional bonus has a window facing west and an additional skylight.

The photos are a courtesy of the realtor, Huoneistokeskus and are published upon request of the seller, a former architect, who wishes to find new owners who appreciate the modernist architecture and mid-century spirit of the apartment.


  1. It's lovely, light and spacious. I'd have it in a heart beat if I was there! Love the way the owner has respected the style of the property.

    1. Its great isn't it? Originality is definitely well present which is hard to find and even though the west side window is not as large as the rest of the living room windows it still makes a huge difference as the afternoon turns to evening.

  2. wow ...Im packing up my stuff and moving into this place from Canada :)