Dec 29, 2014

The Bunker

A few days past Christmas festivities, we are happy to show you the latest advancements downstairs. You may remember the original Man Cave Pekka build two years ago in the small room located next to the bathroom. This room is now serving mostly a storage space and will soon be converted to a guest room, thus meaning that the "Man Cave" functionalities will finally relocate underground, more specifically to the bunker.

Step in and have a peak!

The original table and shelves from the Man Cave have already been reinstalled to the new location and Pekka and has started to build a suspended ceiling. According to our thinking, this seemingly "unnecessary" structure will be important element creating a more "room-like" feel for the Man Cave, rather than the space being just a cellar (as it actually, in reality is). It is all about the details, isn't it?

The first phase of the installation

Similarly to the laundry room, also the bunker has fluorescent tube lighting. What is different between the two is that the main part of the bunker lighting will be hidden behind the ceiling slats.

Hidden fluorescent tube housings

Placing the fluorescent tubes above the ceiling hides the light sources and makes the light penetrate through the slats. On the way down the light picks up a warm wooden tone and creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Light shining through the slats

The bunker will have two separate lighting modes that can also be turned on simultaneously. The first switches on the fluorescent tubes above the ceiling. The second operates the work lights above the table similarly to Pekka's set up in the original Man Cave.

General vs. working lights 

General vs. working lighting 

During a recent visit and the semi-mandatory tour around the apartment, Pekka's aunt wondered if Pekka is having a "slat-period" in his life. Yes, he has indeed built a suspended ceiling in the laundry room using a similar approach and yes, also the downstairs teak wall is made of slats. But rather than Pekka's personal obsession, the rationale revolves more around the warmth and scandinavian look of the structure. So when the decision needed to be made regarding the bunker ceiling, we didn't think two minutes of not adding this mid century twist to the overall slat mix.

Getting there...!

As of today, Pekka has installed about 15 square meters of ceiling. Once again, we quite like how it is materializing.  Over the Holiday break he will continue the project and once there are further concrete results, we will of course post an update for you to review.


  1. I love them, they add such character and interest. Unfortunately our Welsh long house would just look weird but one day I will have a house that will welcome them at which point I will be looking back through all the Pekka guidance!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for the compliment! If any day you start to build one and need more information regarding how to construct it don't hesitate to drop us a mail.