Jun 28, 2014

Major milestone reached

The time we have been slaving to finish the bunker really seems like a small eternity.  Since last September, more than 30 tons of junk has been manually wheeled out, and close to 10 tons of gravel has been carried in. Considering all the renovation projects we have ever been involved in, the bunker clearly ranks as the most demanding one.

So finally, after ten months the big day had finally arrived. It was almost touching to see the concrete pump truck slowly turning to the backyard alley.

Truck-mounted concrete pump arrives

Of course, we had the option of casting the 17 square meters concrete slab ourselves. But having to acquire the know how, rent the equipment, carry hundreds of sacks of cement and investing all the time that would have been required, it was simply not a viable option. Additionally, the offer we received from the concrete company was very reasonable, which of course made the decision making even easier.

Pulling out the hoses

The preferred option was indeed to enter from the backyard. To achieve the bunker, close to 50 meters of hose was needed. However, the alleyway leading to the backyard had been softened by heavy rain this summer. So would the heavy trucks be able to climb up the slippery grass slope was the biggest question mark of the entire project.

The Plan B was to enter from the front of the apartment and approach through the upper floor, via the staircase all the way downstairs. However the idea of pulling a filthy hose through our home was not the most appealing one.

50 meters of hose

Once the set up was ready, the concrete truck arrived.

Concrete approaching

This time, it was not so easy. Whereas the lighter pump truck managed to climb up the slope, the soft and slippery grass was a huge challenge for the much heavier concrete truck. More than ten times the driver tried to desperately climb up the slope, but every time the tires started to slip on the grass.

The situation was critical. There is a certain time limit when the concrete has to be poured in as it naturally will start solidifying very soon. Of course we could choose Plan B and enter from the front, but it would have meant disassembling and reassembling all the hoses, and also protecting the upper floor from splashes. Clearly, quick decisions were needed.

Our neighbours must love us!
Finally after fifteen minutes, taking a slight side track helped and the heavy truck managed to slowly climb up the hill. Needles to say the sense of relief was enormous. Just like in life in general, also in renovation a bit of luck is a necessity!


Perfect match

Of course, Urho's tasks was once again to manage the project - but from the the upper floor. A small dog, big machines and a strict time limit is far from a good combination, so his remote positioning was chosen only for Urho's own good.

The general manager

The feeling of finally seeing the concrete covering the prepared floor was unbeliveable. The guy responsible of pouring had a remote control unit attached to his belt and by pressing a button he was able to control the concrete pump.

Vesa pouring the concrete

Touch down!

Again, a laser was used to level everything with the mark defined by Pekka earlier.

Leveling with a laser

Whereas the first guy was responsible for pouring the concrete and roughly levelling it, the second one was working his way out from the bunker and ensuring the predetermined level was reach everywhere.

Manual levelling

It was great to watch the professionals at work. To gain a perfect end result this job clearly requires true craftsmanship combined with solid experience.

Cratfmanship in action

The last thing to do was to cover the concrete to prevent it from drying too fast. This can be done either by using a plastic sheet or spraying a protective layer on top. We chose the latter, as the spraying was easy to do after manual levelling.

Now, all we can do is to sit and wait. For us, this is a major milestone. Both physically and psychologically. Almost a reason enough to open a bottle of wine and celebrate (which, actually, has also already been done...)!

Future floor


  1. Kunnioitusta herättävä, mieletön urakka kokonaisuudessaan. Lopputulos tulee palkitsemaan ruhtinaallisesti!

  2. Näin juuri:) Seuraavaksi Betoniliiman poisto hiomakoneella, kallioiden pesu ja suoja-aineen laitto, hyllyjen- ja alaslasketunkaton rakentaminen, lattian maalaus.. jne. Vaikka pitkälle ollaan jo päästy niin tekemistä vielä riittää!

  3. Onpa mainio blogi Urhoineen - ja kiinnostava projekti kaiken kaikkiaan. Onneksi olkoon, hyvin työskennelty.

    1. Moikka! Kiitos paljon kehuista. Projekti tulee kestämään vielä pitkään ja kerrottavaa riittää, joten kannattaa aina silloin tällöin käydä vilkasemassa uusia päivityksi.

      Tervetuloa mukaan!


  4. Mieletöntä! Oon niin teidän fani :)