Jun 22, 2014

Walls & Ceiling

We are only recovering from the installation of the slate floor when new construction materials started already appearing on site. Suddenly the focus went from floor to the ceiling and walls. The slate floor still needs a lot of attention in terms of washing, seaming and protecting, but as you are to find out soon, it makes more sense to do the finishing work a bit later in the process.

Nearly finished slate floor and more construction materials

These are exiting times. Almost two years, with the help of our dear friends we have focused our efforts on demolishing structures rather than building things. Now the break point has been reached, the building has begun. To make our lives a bit easier, the work is conducted by a construction company. We are very happy, as the guy primarily responsible for the project is fast and the quality of his work is excellent. Interestingly, Sofi has also learned to call him by his first name...

Wooden studding

The part of the ceiling that required insulation (below the atrium terrace floor) was studded with a wooden structure, which was attached directly through the insulation to the concrete itself. The area below the kitchen floor did not need insulation and thus had much more vertical space available, and was studded with an adjustable aluminum structure. Even though there is quite a big difference between the two areas in the height of the space between the concrete and the suspended ceiling to be, for visual reasons we wanted the ceiling to be all levelled.

Wood & aluminium studding

It is amazing to see how fast these guys work. Practically in no time the surfaces made of gypsum board just started to appear! Some of you may remember the visualization made by Pekka in Vision update, and that we wanted to leave some of the structural elements visible, just the way they are typically done in the MCM post and beam architecture. One of these elements is the main steel beam supporting the atrium terrace, together with the vertical steel posts supporting the whole structure. These structural elements will be painted black whereas the rest of the ceiling will be white. 

Also the wall which will host a teak slat wall is starting to take shape. Next, black acoustic panels will be attached on top of the gypsum board, eventually followed by the teak slats. A glimpse of a vague light in the end of the tunnel, perhaps?!

Visible steal beam & slat wall to be

A few days ago, we had a great idea of cleaning and seaming the slate. Now looking back it would have been hours wasted. Once again the downstairs including the circular staircase has transferred to a war zone with tools, materials, dust, sweat and dirt all combined to a lovely mix.

War zone 

And Urho? Not too much seen in downstairs these days. A bit too much action to his taste. In summer when it's warm, he makes sure to take the advantage of the sun and the couch at the atrium terrace. If the weather allows and the terrace door is open, Urho temporarily turns to a hot dog. What a life!

A hot dog

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