Jun 2, 2014

How's Urho?

In the surge of countless posts about blasting and carrying granite, Urho has received a bit less attention than His Dachshundship might find appropriate. One of his key tasks (in addition of course to supervising duties) is to ensure his pack leaves the construction site every now and then to feel the fresh wind and warm sun on their faces. Considering his size, Urho does fantastically even in the running team. Let's put it this way, he is not the first one to get tired.

Guarding the equipment

Of course, a speedy 10k gives him a great excuse to continue practising the art of relaxation in the far end of the living room sofa. In this case, the camera shutter did not even make him to blink an eye. Perhaps something people could learn from our four legged friends? Could a bit of lounging every now and then work wonders for all of us?

Afterwards, you know where to find him!