Apr 30, 2014

Returning underground #3

Mission accomplished.

We have reached our target. And now, after a few days of rest, we finally have enough energy to write about it.

Most of the heavy digging and wheelbarrowing was completed on Saturday. On Sunday we continued on our own and eventually managed to fill up the pallet. The rocks and organic matter were ready to be transferred away.

Full load 

Inside the bunker, the desired depth had been reached. The space was finally ready for the next step.

About 50 cm below the line

One of the greatest efforts on Sunday was the transfer of a huge block of concrete. By utilising perhaps the same approach than the ancient Egyptians used when moving stones needed to build the great pyramids, we managed to haul the monster onboard.

Nearly there

The pile of old casting wood is waiting to be chopped to be used to warm up sauna. The sight is far from pretty, so we try to take sauna baths as frequently as possible in order to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Firewood to be

In addition to the junk mentioned before, the bunker also generated five monstrous bags of waste which does not fall to any of the above mentioned categories. Lovely.

Various type of waste

The weekend was nice and warm, so there was some inevitable evidence generated by the preventative measures to avoid dehydration. 

"Lonkero" - the drink of choice

Lastly, before cleaning up the tools the walls and remaining rocks were vacuumed to get rid of the dust generated during the process. After about 12 hours of work also on Sunday the job was finally completed. 


Pekka preparing the walls for painting

One should not be too hasty. As always, we encountered a "but", and this time it was a major one. There are some gigantic pieces of rock laying detached on the main rock bed. Due to their size (the largest one measuring 150 x 120 x 60 cm) and somewhat unstable positioning, the formation is dangerous, and thus needs to be removed before we can continue any further. So the whole next week we will have a professional team drilling holes to this monster and its smaller counterparts in order to fill them up with our dear friend - expansive mortar.

Loose pieces

Very unstable formation

Undoubtedly and unfortunately we did cause some distraction to both of our neighbours in form of noise and dust, but curiously enough we did not manage to scare off a fox living nearby. Very bravely, it sneaked to its stash to get some food for its family. Needless to mention both Sofi and Urho were quite excited observing the event from the living room window.

Sneaky fox

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