Apr 26, 2014

Returning underground #1

It is time again to shake the ground. The Underground Weekend sequel has officially been launched. Wised up from the last time, we got two separate pallets, one for rock and other organic matter and another one for cement and brick. Rock and organic matter is good for land fill for free, but there is a charge on every brick and piece of cement. So the incentive for detail exists.

Not one, but two

Last time the team was very effective, but there were also a lot of learnings. One of the key learnings was to equip properly. For example, being able to breath is a key thing. So we were prepared with some heavy-duty breathing gear and a pretty neat vacuum system to suck out the dust from the underground space.

Serious breathing systems

Vacuum creating a negative pressure

The "dust worm" 

There must be something really primitive in these kind of heavy-duty, dirty projects that appeals to our friends, as again we were fortunate to attract a great team to help us. As the night went on, the pieces of granite for bigger and bigger. The scent of testosterone was quite evident in the dusty bunker.

Team effort

Quite soon we started to see some results, in other words revealing the granite under the junk. The plan is to clean it, wash it, and the build some storage shelves on it.

Brushing the rock

As Pekka has noticed earlier, granite is heavy. The largest pieces required the effort of two people to escort them out safely.

One of the biggest pieces of the day

The progress made already during the first night was amazing. The top of the granite bed is already clean, and now we can start focusing emptying the floor. In order to be able to build the foundation for the cement floor, we need to dig quite deep.

The very final shot of day one

But based on the energy and drive of the first day, we know we can work wonders during the remaining two days, and clean the bunker. Before rushing back underground, we want to take our hats off and express our sincerest gratitude for the Friday night team, Timo, Jouni, Olli and Janne.

You already know we owe you big time.

And - let's start a little competition. Take a guess how many tons of junk we'll be carrying out this time? The closest guess gets a small price. You can participate by commenting your guess under this post.

Stay tuned! We'll be here the whole weekend!

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