Apr 20, 2014

Easter puzzle

It was a bit challenging, but Minna managed to drag Pekka out from the bunker for a few days. To prevent him sneaking back immediately, we took a little road trip to central Finland to visit Pekka's parents. The three hour car ride went surprisingly well.

Sleeping traveller

Every family has their Easter traditions. Some like to hide chocolate eggs, and others perhaps enjoy some mämmi (a traditional Finnish Easter dessert). To Pekka's delight, her mother had arranged him a special Easter surprise. Who cares about Kinder eggs when you can have a restored, unassembled Eames Lounge Chair instead?

Eames pieces

So, needless to say Pekka was more than happy to help his mother with the assembly. She had already treated all the wooden parts and had some of the ripped leather replaced. Once assembled, the chair will look amazing.

Happy Easter to all of you! Stay tuned for some underground action next weekend!

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  1. Ihanaa pääsiäisen jatkoa! Kiva ylläri teillä..meillä vaan ne perinteiset mämmi/suklaamuna/ lammaspaistit..