Apr 26, 2014

Returning underground #2

The power of teamwork was proven once again today. We made fantastic progress, a lot of junk was hauled out from the bunker. A light year ahead from where we started. Therefore, this post is really dedicated to all our fantastic friends - Juha, Janne, May, Teemu, Tiina, Matti & Rasa - who help us to make things happen. Again, we can't thank you enough.

Cleaning the cleaner

Digging deeper and deeper

As we are in Finland, of course in these kind of events the day ends in sauna. Instead of using the normal firewood to warm the sauna, Pekka cut up some of the old casting wood we had drag out from the bunker earlier. Talk about recycling.

Man and a chain saw

All team members got to experience the weight of granite. Sometimes it took one, sometimes two or even three people to move the stones. And even then there were a few which remained in place waiting for some professional help.

Power girl

Doubling up

Three men and a very heavy piece of stone

And while some stayed in the bunker digging, others were running up and down the hill with a wheel barrow. The third essential function was the quality team, whose task was to ensure the discarded materials ended up on the right pallet, and if necessary, make the proper adjustments by moving material from one pallet to another.

And the dwarves dig deeper and deeper...

Up, up, up the hill we go!

Quality checker

And this is how the far end of the bunker looks at the moment. All the junk has been removed and the desired depth to start laying the foundations for a cement floor has been reached. We are extremely happy, but also extremely tired. So off to bed we are to gather our strength for one more day, quietly thanking Sofi's grandmother for taking the little human alarm clock for an overnight trip during this weekend. Aaah, the bliss of a good night sleep!

Bunker panorama