Aug 2, 2013

Five piles of slate

Suddenly the slate is here.
On our backyard.
Lots of it.

One day these uneven pieces of grey river rock from Argentina will form the downstairs floor both inside and outside the apartment. At the moment, however, this huge pile of stone (95 m2 / 4600 kg) is partly located on our neighbours' side, because that was as far as the truck driver was able to drop his delivery. Just thinking of moving any of it by mere manpower makes ones muscles scream...

Five pallets of slate

We decide to go with slate as it is very durable, not slippery even when wet and visually appealing. In addition to the colour, which needed to be just the right grey to work well both inside and outside, the size and thickness of the slate also influenced our choice. The material to be used inside the house is 1-2 cm thick, whereas the outside material is 3-4 cm thick. We also preferred a natural layout instead of a more geometric cut.

Sample slate

The floor material has really come a long way from South America to Finland, and it was ordered via Liuskemestarit. Hopefully it will deal with the Finnish winters well, as part of the slate will need to wait in piles for next summer. At this time we are focusing our efforts inside the apartment, and leaving the whole backyard for next year. After all, we need some time to finalise the backyard layout, a project which has not really even been properly started. Except the slate, of course.

Made in Argentina


  1. Auts :)
    Säästäkää mulle nuo Made in Argentina - laudat :D

    1. Me pistetään laudat lman muuta talteen, kun saadaan lavat (toivottavasti) jossain vaiheessa purettua! Pidän sinut ajan tasalla... :-)

  2. Three out of five pallets have now been relocated!!!