Aug 12, 2013

Arena by Stig Lindberg

For a long time, we have been debating an important issue. The tableware.

The set we currently have is not really a set at all, but a collection of leftover pieces from the years past. Those have served us well, but eventually there comes a time when having a maximum of three similar plates makes setting a table up for six with matching tableware simply impossible.

So, the other day the solution suddenly presented itself in the form of quite an exciting auction find. Pekka came across with tableware called Arena, designed by Stig Lingberg for Gustavsberg (1973-1978). Lindberg was one of the most prolific designers in Scandinavia, and his eye for sculpture and proportion is evident in his ceramic forms from the 1950´s and 60´s. Lindberg worked at Gustavsberg pottery from 1938 to 1980, then moving to Italy to establish his own studio. When we saw the beautiful Arena set in a local auction this past Saturday, we immediately knew this was what we had been looking for.

Pieces of Arena

The Arena tableware set we found has 34 different pieces. We really love the burned orange and dark brown colours and the timeless design. It is also quite unique but yet not too rare, as we are still missing some pieces and eventually some broken pieces need to be replaced. It has a bit of an retro twist, but it is not too glaring and can thus still be combined with for example additional white or brown tableware.

Gravy boat

Juice pitcher

All the pieces are in excellent condition, no scratches, dark spots or cracks. In addition to the plates, there are several trays, bowls and pitchers which (according to the manufacturer's label) can be washed in the dishwasher and put in the oven, despite of their age.

Thirty-four pieces of Arena

The set is, however, still missing something. At the moment, we are looking for tea cups, some more smaller plates and maybe coffee cups. Any leads and tips are welcomed - or maybe you have a few odd Arena cups in your possession just waiting to find a new home? In that case, please, let us know!


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    1. Moi! Eiks olekin hieno!! Pitkään olemme asiaa pohtineet ja nyt sitten kun tämä sarja sattui kohdalle niin se tuntui heti jotenkin meidän näköiseltä. Nyt ei sitten kun astiaston puuttuvia osia metsästelemään. Mikäs sen mukavampaa:)

  2. I've spread the word on my Facebook account.

  3. The color plate is great - I like the greys,whites!
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    1. Hi Peter, Thank you for your feedback. Yes, we feel the colors:)