Aug 14, 2013

Stretchy little Urho

A little while back we noticed Urho wasn't quite being himself. He seemed a bit slower and more tired than usually, even maybe a bit depressed. Eventually, when his daily evening dessert (Dentastix), which is normally inhaled in a split second did no longer appeal to him, we started to get really worried and took him to see a vet.

To make a long story short, the doctor's diagnosis was that Urho - for one reason or another - has a sore neck muscle. He was advised to take it easy for a few days, and if necessary, we could also give him some pain killers. Fortunately, no medication was needed as he quickly started to recover, and in no time was again fully back in business and enjoying life. We were delighted.

But just an observation - take a look at the picture below, showing Urho asleep in one of his preferred positions. Makes you wonder - if it was neck pain, could this "stretchy dreamer pose" have something to do with it!?

Do not disturb a resting dachshund!


  1. Voi Urhoa! Urholle vois sopia Back On Track -tuotteet, etenkin jos kylmällä vielä vaivaa lihaskivut. :)

  2. Our daschund had a similar problem this summer. His was a herniated disc in his neck. He had to be on bedrest (in his crate) for 3 weeks@ And he had to wear a neck brace. It was not much fun, but he's made a full recovery. We learned that back/neck problems are common for this breed. Glad Urho is feeling better. (You can see a pic of our guy (and his sister) in this post:

    Love your blog!

  3. No kappas jos menee niska vähän jumiin :)