Jul 31, 2013

Pieces of Urho's summer

Urho, the lazy little sausage, has had a fantastic summer. Before the July warmth turns to the rainy days of August, he wanted to share some of his summer moments of relaxing, supervising and of course, exploring. According to Urho, in terms of vacation activities, usually there is no need to go farther than the sea to fish. In other words, why take a vacation trip anywhere, when the couch at home is just perfect in so many ways!

There are some things money can't buy

However, when needed, Urho makes himself available for important assignments. For example, the initiation of the project "circular staircase" naturally required Urho's active contribution. He certainly knows how to position himself in the centre (on the way) of everything.

Aligned with the central pole

During the summer, our little daughter has started to express a growing interest in playing with Urho. Unfortunately, feeling is not always mutual from Urho's side. Only if there is food involved he agrees to play along for a while. 

"Oh no, it is that little person again!!"

One of the summer highlights in Urho's opinion was definitely the new atrium terrace deck. He has discovered it to have two benefits. First, it is a fantastically warm place to enjoy his daily nap. Second, along with the terrace came the barbecue. And along with the barbecue comes more opportunities to catch - a hamburger!

Bliss of slow summer moments
Life full of temptations

Even loving the domestic life and especially the couch, Urho agreed to join the rest of the family for a small trip to central Finland. His favourite destination this time was Minna's parents' summer house. While visiting, he has a full freedom to come and go as he wishes and explore the premises in the finest detail. Swimming, however, is out of question. Urho will tip his feet to water, but that's as far as he goes. Too cold, too wet - just too plain unpleasant!

Exploring the premises

Checking out the waterfront

There is also a downside in active exploring. If you stick your nose too close to something, it just might sting back. This is exactly what happened to poor Urho, and as a result, his right eyelid tripled its size due to swelling. Thankfully with some rapid first aid, he was all recovered and back in business in no time.

Swollen eye

Thankfully, there are still many more warm and nice summer days to enjoy. Just like the rest of the Olive Green Window team, Urho is planning to spend most of it outside. However, he fully agrees with Pekka that the fireplace project needs to be initiated soon to ensure sufficient time to finish before the temperature starts dropping. We will return to this later, of course!

Planning the next big project


  1. Voi ei tota silmää :( Ja varmaan on Urholla ihanaa mökillä, niin paljon tilaa!

    1. Onneksi oli tosiaan kyypakkaus mukana, ja sen avulla laski kyllä tosi nopeasti. Mutta oli hauskan näköinen, oikein harmittaa ettei saanut napattua parempaa kuvaa! :-)

  2. Tällaiset sivustot OVAT hyvähenkisiä ja mukavia katsella. Hyvä Urho!//Zuke

    1. Kiitos Zuke! Tällaisia sivustoja on mukava tehdä! :-)