May 19, 2014

Anti-dusting and cable-fitting

In many different ways, the past week was a bit hectic. We have a set date for installing the downstairs slate floor, and several things still needs to happen before. So, the only option is just to keep on going...every night after work...weekends...who needs a social life anyway?

Actually, especially Pekka doesn't mind renovating at all, but rather finds it quite relaxing. But he is also able to recognise when something goes beyond his expertise or can't be done with the tools available. And it just so happened that the new DeWalt power tool he got just does not meet the requirements for the current projects falling not only one, but quite a few sizes too small to be efficient. 

Professional vs. Pekka

So, the professional team coming to our rescue did a great job with their diamond blades and expansive mortar. It took them about a week to break the monstrous granite in manageable pieces. The deal was that the pros would only cut and blast the stone and we would clean up in the evening, so they could continue working the following morning. Consequently, approximately five more tons of rock moved out from the bunker, and will be taken away next weekend when bringing in eight tons of gravel to be laid underneath the concrete slab to be.

Five more tons of rock

During this weekend Pekka's mother came over to take care of Sofi which allowed us to focus fully on the project. Minna spend the lovely spring weekend inside the bunker vacuuming the rock which was awfully messy after a whole week of cutting and blasting. We have been living in the world of dust way too long, and now we are at the point when there is finally some light in the end of the tunnel - the worst should be over and cleaning actually makes sense.

Some serious vacuuming

In the meantime, Pekka concentrated on laying the floor heating cable - all the 227 meters of it. First, the grooves had been vacuumed and primed.

Heating cable

The cable pattern was designed by Pekka and ended up working out just perfect. After a final approval by our trusted electrician Kaitsu the grooves will be sealed with a filler.

The 227 meters of cable and a less than a meter long dachshund

Most of the weekend Urho spend upstairs with grandmother and Sofi. Occasionally, he was allowed to come and give his approval on the quality of our work. Come winter, he is considering moving downstairs as he quite likes the idea of optimising the floor temperature to meet his personal preferences.

"Yeah, this will do - now can I go?"

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