Feb 24, 2014

Staircase facelift, part 2


Just a few days ago our staircase area was a restless combination of various wood. All of a sudden, it has been completely transformed, eagerly waiting to host a black circular staircase. Just one more night!

Paintwork progression

We are so pleased with the paint work. For a short moment of fleeting insanity, we were contemplating if we should do it ourselves, once the staircase was installed. Fortunately, quite soon we agreed that if the preference was a set of black stairs instead of black stairs with white spots all over, we'd better have the professionals to take care of it in an orderly progression. Very good decision indeed.

Another view from below

Sofi is finding it extremely intriguing to follow the men at work. The lowest door glass window is just low enough for her to see what is happening on the other side. Of course, it could be that she has just made a deal with Urho, who normally is responsible for supervising. Pretty smart from Urho - while Sofi is occupied elsewhere, he gets the full control of the couch, without any annoying distractions!

Observing men at work

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