Feb 23, 2014

Staircase facelift, part 1

Finally, the day has come to bid farewell to a wooden staircase leading downstairs. It has served us well, which we gratefully acknowledge. However, it will not be missed, but being a perfectly good staircase of solid wood we do hope it would soon find a new home where its 1980's look and feel would complement the surroundings better.  

The official last shot

Like described earlier, the space for the staircase used to look like a matchbox with ceiling, walls and stairs all made of different wood. So another target of the over-the-weekend facelift is the wood panelling on the walls. Basically, the ceiling is the only thing remaining as it is.

Wooden perspective

So, on Saturday morning, the demolition started. Not without minor incidents, as can be seen below, but proceeding in very good speed. The silver lining of this unexpected damage is that Sofi now masters the word "rikki" ("broken") perfectly, and every time when passing by the little hole she makes sure to point it out with a bright and surprised voice, and a curiously scolding expression on her face!

Men, or mice with superhero powers?

After the staircase and panelling were gone, a support system to reach the higher parts was installed.

Shot from below...

...and a view from above

With the staircase and panelling now removed from the equation, the space looks very different and of course much bigger. It will be extremely interesting to see how the new black steel staircase will first fit and then look in the new surroundings (Remember, this is how they used to look!). Fingers crossed. In a few days, we will know.

Preparing the space for the new staircase

And once again, the rest of the downstairs is a mess. An organised one, but a mess nevertheless. By the way, if you happen to know anyone who would need a wooden circular staircase for example for their summer house, you know where to find one in a very competitive price!

To be continued. Soon.

All you need is here

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