Feb 7, 2014

Can I have my room back?

Rather than a proper post, this is more of an announcement. And perhaps just a fleeting moment of sharing a bit of renovation frustration which every now and then tends to sneak in, especially in Minna's mind.

The disturbing part is not the unfinished downstairs. We don't really need the space and are perfectly happy living upstairs and are thus not in a hurry with the project at all. What is frustrating are all the derivatives of not having the space available for furniture and other things. Everything which would normally reside downstairs, has been temporarily stored somewhere else. In the garage, the Man Cave, Sauna, or Sofi's room. Stuff. Everywhere.

Yes, the poor kid's room is currently a dump. The room is filled with things which do not belong there at all, and thus it is light years from being an inviting space for playing. Every now and then a visitor asks if they could see how we have decorated Sofi's room. It is those moments, any change of subject will do.

Two pieces organised

For some reason, it was today that Minna decided things would need to change. Right now. The situation is embarrassing to the point that this time there will be no "before" pictures shown. Just a close up of a ceramic dachshund and an old sewing machine toy, which were some selected targets of her cleaning fury.

Fingers crossed it will be sooner than later when presenting the "after" pictures. With this announcement, we thought it was important to let you all know the process has been initiated. Somehow the extent of publicity tends to be directly proportional to the commitment level. Fingers crossed.

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