Nov 17, 2013

Winter, you may come

It is clear we have been focusing our efforts and energy mostly in projects happening inside the apartment. As the yard does currently not have a very high ranking on our Eisenhower grid measuring urgency and importance, the backyard has been simply a disaster, covered with renovation junk, materials, fallen leaves and mud. So before winter, something needed to be done, desperately. 

Two piles of junk

After Sofi took care of waking all of us up early yesterday, we headed out right away to finish cleaning the yard up - a project which had already been started a week ago. Sofi was excited about raking for long enough time for us to get all the leaves bagged, but soon she headed out to explore a small forest area nearby. Urho, of course, gladly followed. 

Raking leaves

Wheelbarrow ride

As a result, the backyard does by no definition look nice, but it is no longer a war zone. Slate for our floor-to-be is in orderly piles waiting for the time it will be needed. The construction junk and the fallen leaves are gone, the tools next to the door are better organised.  

Slate for backyard terrace floor

Stones saved for landscaping next Spring

You really do not want to see the "before" picture!

View from the window no longer hurts the eye

So, winter may come, we are prepared! But how about Sofi and Urho's exploration? Once again we were reminded how a bit of creativity goes a long way, and the fleeting moments of ultimate joy might reside in the most ordinary places. Who cares about not having the mud pants on and your face getting dirty when you happen to run across a wonderful, muddy puddle? Well, although sharing many other interests, this is where Sofi and Urho are quite the polar opposites. 

The one who kept his distance... 

…and the other who rushed right in!

Oh, and almost forgot! Johanna, remembering your request, these survived - still interested? And when the time comes, it would be great to see the end result of a DIY project you end up using them for!

Made in Argentina


  1. Wow! Nice to see we're not the only people with a construction "war zone" that seems to keep accumulating no matter how much we organize or get rid of it.

  2. Sofi ♥
    Tulen ehdottomasti hakemaan nuo laudat!!! Kiitos ihanat että säästitte.