Nov 10, 2013

Another hole in the ground

In almost every conversation with friends, relatives and neighbours, the question is inevitably asked: "So, when is the project downstairs going to be ready?" This, if any, is perhaps one of those "a picture is worth more than a thousand words" -moments. If you take a look below, you understand why it still might be a while.

Steel reinforced concrete to be

Delays are a given. This time, it was an intriguing revelation that one of the spaces made for the supporting steel pillars was missing a foundation, even if it was supposed to be there. So what do you do when something like this happens? Well, you take a little breather, go back to the drawing board, adjust the plan, dig a hole and make a supporting base out of steel reinforced concrete. On this newly made base, you then feel much more comfortable assembling the supporting steel pillars vs. sand, as it used to be before.

If all goes well, perhaps sometimes during next week we will see the pillars raising. If not, we will keep you posted what is the surprise-turned-into-delay this time! And no, we are not discouraged. Quite the contrary. As a dear friend of ours said once: "If it would be easy, it would really not be that much fun!"

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