Oct 10, 2013

Temporary support

Project Downstairs is progressing, slowly. For once, the word "slowly" does not have a negative connotation, when referring to the pace of a renovation project. This time, there is absolutely no reason, need or budget to hurry.

On good days, the pace of progression is fine. However, there are occasional moments when especially Minna let's her mind wonder to times when we no longer need to wear shoes (or helmet) for downstairs excursions. The classical way to put it is: "before Christmas" - just leaving the year unspecified.

Temporary beam support structure

Most of the demolition work has been completed. The storage room walls are gone, as well as the reminders of the long gone arch. The ceiling is currently supported by temporary wooden beams, while waiting for the steel beams to arrive.

Holding up

Unlike the rest of us, Urho does not wear shoes when he goes exploring downstairs. He has recently discovered the undeniable benefit of an inside underground space. As you may remember, he is not too fond of rain and cold weather. But even in the changing and often unpleasant autumn weather conditions, the bones need to be hid in a place no one else would ever think of looking. So in to the basement he goes...

Caught (almost) red handed


  1. You must build -separate building for Urho - to hide his bones, very complex labyrinth with spare water posts and some sofas to take a nap while doing this extra-secret dog-duty??//Z

    1. That is a fascinating idea, and absolutely worth some serious consideration!!! :-)