Oct 25, 2013

Window washing

We love the huge windows in our apartment. Considering the function of a window, however, we would preferably also like to see through them. It is not only the pollen, dirt and rain which reduce the transparency of the windows, but for some reason the windows seem to get heavily decorated by some sticky fingerprints.

Leaving my mark

It is, however, unbelievable how sometimes it is just impossible to get things done. We had been postponing washing the windows for quite some time, and it was not until the weekend before a certain magazine focusing on interior decoration was coming over to take a few photos of our apartment, we were forced to tackle challenge of the super-dirty, nearly grey glass. The windows around the atrium were easily reachable, and thus quickly in pristine condition.

Professional at work

Tiny observer

The windows on the back of the apartment were a different story. Fortunately, we received a great tip where to get really good quality window washing tools with an extendable arm. If anyone living in Finland has a similar need, we warmly recommend to check out Pemic!

Aspiring higher

While Pekka was washing the windows outside, the rest of the team found it quite entertaining to observe the progress from inside the apartment. The investment in cleaning equipment was proven to be worth every cent. Seeing the difference was just amazing, and even if not perhaps the most interesting topic to write about, a few shots to record the difference between before and after were in order. Ah, the sun is shining in again!

Appearing from thin air?

Close up: after and before, side by side


  1. Oh nouh. I have the same thing to do tomorrow.... plaah... I have ladders and small 1,80 telescope... Thanks for the tip!

    1. We actually had to get a 5,50 telescope in order to reach the upper floor windows, but it was surprisingly easy with the right tools!

  2. Great tip...I've been dealing with the same thing on my window. Now I'll have to try this.