Oct 17, 2013

Flower box NOT for sale

Remember our philosophy - not all pieces are meant to stay forever, occasionally you also need to be able to let go of something. This flower box made of solid teak and located in the corner of the living room will not be on that list. Ever.

Home of greens

Originally, it belonged to Minna's grandparents who also lived in a beautiful mid century modern style home next to the sea, quite close to our apartment. Then it travelled some 400 km north to Minna's mother's home and stayed there for some time. Eventually, it returned to the capital area and found a new home with us. Due to the family history, it has a significant sentimental value especially for Minna and is thus also carrying a non visible label of "not tradable".

Made of solid teak

The box is beautiful and just perfect in terms of size for our living room greens. Fortunately, Sofi's interest in plants (and especially in dirt) has somewhat reduced from its highest peak and the plants have remained relatively healthy and undestroyed. The box, however, is quite of a nice hiding place for some of the smaller toys. So in case of lost keys, the box is one of the obvious places to check. 

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