Jan 20, 2013

Some questions for you!

You are warmly welcomed to participate in the very first quiz of the Olive Green Window! We would like to invite you to test your knowledge and identify some classics we have addressed in the previous postings. The lucky winner will receive a copy of "Kauneimmat klassikot", a book about beautiful homes with timeless furniture!

Kauneimmat klassikot by Andrew Weaving (original English title: Living Retro)

How to participate?
It is very simple - just follow these two steps:

  1. According to your best knowledge and using the blog postings as a source, identify the objects and designers in each photo. We are always looking for WHAT and WHO.
  2. Send us your answers via email to theolivegreenwindow@gmail.com by Feb 28th, 2013
  3. You are also welcome to leave comment on how you liked the quiz or any other suggestions or wishes you might have!

So here are the five photos: WHAT is it and WHO designed it?






How will the winner be chosen?
The winner of the quiz will be the participant with the highest number of correct answers. If there are more than one participants with the same winning number of correct answers, the winner will be randomly selected amongst these participants.

How will the price be delivered?
The price will be mailed to the winner (both to Finland as well as abroad) during the first two weeks of March 2013. For this, we will be kindly requesting the winner's mailing address by email after the announcement of the winner on the blog site. If the winner has not responded back within two weeks time, an alternative winner will be chosen.


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