Jan 28, 2013

Sneaky little sausage

It has been a while since Urho has appeared in the postings, so we thought it would be appropriate to write a few lines on his behalf. Urho's life is much the same, a lot of supervising and relaxing on the couch. Quite enjoyable. What Urho is NOT liking very much at the moment is the cold weather. Being a small dog with very little hair and very close to ground, we have tried to find him something suitable to wear to keep him warm. We have tried several things, but the most recent addition to Urho's garderobe is a custom made orange winter jacket, which flatters his lengthy figure perfectly.

All geared up and ready to go out!

 Top view

Being a brave little dog, Urho still does quite well in -15C, but when the temperature drops below that, things get difficult. As he does need to go out twice a day, at least very briefly, one would imagine he would have some appreciation for winter gear we have provided him. But one could not be more mistaken. Even if it is not apparent from the picture below, he really could not care less about the many outfits we have tried.

Out in the snow

So, here are two examples. The orange jacket is the newest, custom made addition. The blue one was bought last winter, and Urho wore it when he was not quite as long as he is now.  And Urho despises both of them.

Selected pieces from Urho's attire

A while back, we needed to leave Urho alone for a while. Knowing Urho's dislike for winter clothing, Minna had hid the new orange jacket in a closet so Urho couldn't get his jaws on it. But the little sausage can be quite sneaky at times. While we were out, the closet door had been opened, and the only thing which had been pulled out was indeed the new orange jacket. By now, you have probably guesses what had happened. If not, take a look at the picture below. Trying to make sure he would never need to wear it again, Urho had simply destroyed the zipper. Everything else around the apartment was intact. And just to add an example from Urho's darker history, the same photo also captures a destroyed clip of the blue jacket. So Urho really, really has a great aversion for outfits.

Two jackets - both destroyed

And, when the task has been completed, Urho takes his leave and makes himself comfortable in his favorite corner of the couch, squeezed in between the pillows, closes his eyes, and takes a long, long nap. Aaah, what a life!

Made to measure corner