Jul 18, 2015

Guest room slate floor

Sweat. Sore muscles. Exhaustion. Backyard looking like a disaster. That is seems to be slate floor assembly in a nutshell. Yet, Pekka is enjoying himself. And making progress.

Slate master

Pekka was following the protocol he learned while assisting Harri from Liuskemestarit last summer. Clearly, he had been paying close attention to the process as after day one, more than half of the slates were successfully laid down and attached with cement.

Half way there

View from the door

There are few more pieces to be cut and installed before the floor is ready. Not to mention what is waiting for outside at the terrace. Speaking of the devil - we have exactly one day time to clean up the mess before digging begins. It is going to be one busy Sunday.

Made to measure

While Pekka was working on the backyard, baby Eino (who is no longer very little after doubling his birth weight in less than three months) was hanging out at the atrium terrace with his favorite toy. He wasn't too excited about Sofi's earmuffs Minna tried to make him wear to block the loud grinder sound. But the apple seems not to have fallen too far from the tree - being Pekka's son and probably strongly expressing the renovation gene, he did not seem to mind the grinder noise at all, but happily carried on his games.

Like father like son

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