Feb 16, 2015

Luhta Home

It is a beautiful, one of the first "Spring-like" days of this year. Inspired by the sun it is quite a good moment to tell about a photo shoot which took place in our home in May 2014.

In April 2014, designer Anu Saari from Luhta Home contacted us as she was looking for a location to do a photo shoot for Luhta Home's Spring/Summer 2015 collection. It sounded like a fun collaboration, and thus we offered our home for Anu's use. With her team including stylist Susanna Vento and photographer Riikka Kantinkoski, she spent two intensive days capturing the highlights of the new collection into some very nice images (published by the permission of L-Fashion Group Oy).

Struktuuri towels (photo by Riikka Kantinkoski)

Luhta Home Spring/Summer 2015 collection is inspired by the love for gardening reflected both by the prints and color selection including lots of different shades of green. A line of garden related products has been also added. These can be used both on small balconies or bigger yards, or on terraces as well as inside. Too bad that our backyard is still not even a work in progress - fortunately, we do have the terrace which could use a small facelift after a looooong winter...

Runo kitchen towel (photo by Riikka Kantinkoski)

Muru baskets (photo by Riikka Kantinkoski)

It was fun to see how different our home looks when the set up and textiles are chosen differently. Some lighter tones in the bedroom could be a refreshing change for the coming Spring time.

Laulu and Kaisla bedsheets (photo by Riikka Kantinkoski)

Vihko bedcover (photo by Riikka Kantinkoski)

Vihko bedsheets (photo by Riikka Kantinkoski)

Pekka and Sofi have already talked about the annual plant maintenance project taking place usually in March. For different reasons, they both enjoy it a lot: one because of his love for green plants and their well-being, and the other due to her fascination of the opportunity to make a mess with a permission. We are thinking of also setting up a small herb garden at the atrium terrace.

Kylvö shelf (photo by Riikka Kantinkoski)

Garden etiketti (photo by Riikka Kantinkoski)

Garden baskets (photo by Riikka Kantinkoski)

And behind the scenes...we just tried our best to stay out of the way. Urho seemed a bit confused at times, and thus occasionally evacuated to our neighbours' place where the atmosphere was much more relaxing for His Sausageness.

What's happening? What is all this stuff?

Thank you Anu & the Team, it was fun! It was great to see how our home looks like via someone else's lens, and of course, the SS2015 collection looks great!


  1. Upeat kuvat ja hienoja tuotteita. Kotinne antaa uniikin kulissin kuville.

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