Feb 22, 2015

DIY noticeboard

We really like the Tulip table by Eero Saarinen in the dining room. It is visually light, yet it is extremely spacious proven to host 10 adult dinner guests. But thus it is also a perfect junkyard for clutter with a varying degree of importance: keys, phones, toys, mail - you name it. Not only a beautiful table is regularly turned into a chaos, but in the worst case, the important stuff gets lost, forever.

So, very simply - we took one of the Konto acoustic panels used to build the downstairs slat wall and hung it up with sheet metal screws on a kitchen wall to serve as a noticeboard. And all the excuses for not being able to locate an important piece of paper suddenly fly out the window! Of course, this leaves a certain owl looking for a new location...

One of the many uses of acoustic panels