Aug 3, 2014

Creating storage space

This summer has been sunny and hot. Perfect time to spend in a cool bunker!

Now, with the bunker concrete floor being sanded and painted and the granite washed and protected, one of the projects we really wanted to complete during this summer was to build a shelf system in the bunker. We are desperate to get organised as the original storage room was knocked down during the downstairs demoliton and also the garage remains full of boxes since we moved in two years ago.

As the floor space in the bunker is limited, we preferred to build the shelves on top of the uneven granite to utilise the space as effectively as possible.

Defining the position of the supporting structure

First set of shelves up

The shelf system was not only optimised to complement the form of the granite, but also to fit a maximum number of Smart Store plastic boxes. We had chosen three sizes, and the shelves would host 14 large, 28 medium and 12 small boxes in total.

Following the form of the granite

And they fit perfectly!

When building on an uneven surface, the preferred way is to start from the top. Pekka had an idea of using threaded rods to form a supportive structure, which was attached in to the ceiling with concrete anchors. Further, it was adjusted to hold each shelf in the correct position with a nut on each side. This way, the supporting structure would take a very little space and help to maximise the shelf space.

Supportive structure

Hanging down from the ceiling

Once again, one of the essentials the project would have not succeeded without was the laser attached to an adjustable camera stand.

Hama stand proving itself a must-have

It took three days to build the entire system, but we really consider the time, sweat and sunny days wasted worth it. Sofi also found climbing the granite quite exciting, and was not an unusual sight visiting the bunker wearing her pink earmuffs.

Pekka at work

Rock climbling

And, finally it was ready! In the corner, we left a space for an extra freezer, and there will be some additional storage solutions added in the bunker, but the biggest and most laborious part is now done. We actually think that given it is a storage shelf located in the basement, the system has an interesting, elegant look and feel to it!

Ready for boxes


  1. Mahtava! Säilytys toimii, kaikki toimii:-P

    1. Kiitos! Tällainen tekee varsinkin organisointiin taipuvaisen naisihmisen todella onnelliseksi!!

  2. You know it's such an amazing space that it's a shame to put shelves and storage in it!

    Would make a fantastic cinema room with custom leather cushions/chairs/beanbags!

    1. Yes you are correct. It certainly is a space with a lot of character and in a perfect world it might be converted to something more appealing than storage. Interestingly yesterday a friend of mine suggested a sauna to the same space. Yet we lack time, budget and even more importantly a large storage for various things and because of these reasons one side of the bunker will be a storage room. The other side in the other hand will be converted to a workshop to fulfill all our restoration needs!

    2. Oh a sauna would be a fabulous idea...but practicality comes first!

  3. What a creative mind. Really I am totally impressed with your word and idea. I think you have done great job.

    1. Thanks Jean! For the last two years it has been very hard work and believe me it is nice to get positive feedback. Yet there is still a lot we have to work on so stay tuned!