Jul 16, 2014

Slate slaves

The work downstairs continues. Now when Pekka has finally managed to start his summer vacation the pace has increased dramatically. One of the most visual changes is the sanding and painting the visible steel structure and the window frame.

Signs of progress

Even if the paint gives the space a somewhat finalized look the most arduous project during the last few days (and nights) has been washing and seaming the slate floor. This task has really taken us both by surprise simply due to the crazy amount of working hours required to finalize everything.

View from the window

As mentioned earlier, we divided the work between two of us. Pekka was responsible for seaming the slate, which is not overly difficult and it gets easier as one learns by doing. One of the key learnings was that the filler has to have a very precise amount of water in it. Neither too much nor too little. Otherwise it is impossible to work with the seaming tool.

Partly seamed, partly washed

Minna, on the other hand, has focused her energy on the look & feel of the floor. This job includes both washing the slate and making sure the seams are cleaned soon after seaming. This is crucial in order to achieve both visually and haptically precise seam.

Look & feel

And the flip side of the coin? First, the physical experience of spending several days down on your knees is far from pleasant. Our backs, legs and arms are aching. And of course we are also tired. Often the last stint of the day starts at 9 pm after Sofi goes to bed. Eager to get things done, we tend to continue quite late into the night. And when she wakes up early and full of energy, eight hours of sleep is a distant dream.

Blistered thumb

One of the most rueful downsides is the current condition of the bathroom. As the picture below shows it is simply a disaster. Floor covered with sand and dirt. Old towels ripped in rags needed for seaming (luckily due to a blog collaboration we will get some new towels from Luhta Home - more of this to follow soon). Sad, but fortunately a temporary sight.

Fancy a shower?


  1. Teillä on rankka loma! :) Hyvältä näyttää. Ensi kesänä sitten Vain Lomailette :)

    1. Moikka! Näin juuri tai sitten mahdollisesti puuhaillaankin jo uusien projektien kimpussa:)

  2. Floors look great! Love your project and all the work/love you put into it.