Dec 5, 2013

Man vs. Rock

Lately Pekka has been spending a significant amount of time underground with a single goal: to create a desperately needed storage space. But as always, there is an issue. A massive rock, located inconveniently in the corner blocking a walkway, and prohibiting preparation of the foundation for a steel reinforced concrete floor-to-be.

The issue

But no worries. When there is will, there is a way. So he rented a set of proper tools including a mid size power tool, two drill bits with a diameter of 28 mm, and a secret ingredient.

The solution

And why do you need two drill bits? Quite simple. When one gets stuck in solid rock, the other is needed to liberate the first one. 

This is NOT a setup

It is essential to create a well planned, uniform pattern of holes as their positioning will define how and where the rock breaks. Pekka drilled 10 holes in total, all approximately 40 cm in depth. To drill a single hole took about half an hour of continuous, mind numbling noise and tremor. This means that for about five hours, our dear neighbours had to endure the sound resonating through the rock from one apartment to another. Which makes you wonder - having a neighbour like us, what are enemies needed for anyway?

Part of the hole pattern

And the secret ingredient? Yes - dynamite! Well, not quite, but almost. When real explosives are not an option for understandable reason, an expansive mortar is the way to go. It is a safe option for excavation and demolition work done inside. No vibration, no noise, no flying debris or smoke, but nevertheless - a lot of fun!

The secret ingredient

You start by mixing it with water, then pour it in the holes and wait, and wait, and wait...

Liquid in...

...and after some 15 hours: snap, crackle and pop! It is simply amazing what this stuff can do to solid rock.

Open Sesame!

Finally, these still relatively large pieces of rock were ready to be carried out to the backyard. A while back Pekka was worried for not exercising enough. For some reason, just taking a look at the pile of stones waiting for his attention, the lack of exercise seems no longer a concern.

Our latest rock formation

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