Jun 13, 2013

Thank you, Brick House!

It is about the time to tell you how it all got started. Since forever, Pekka has been keen on antiques and interior design. And since forever, he has been driving Minna crazy with his endless huffing and puffing over the topic. Before one project would be finished, the next big idea had already been born in Pekka's head. Finally, Minna just gave up and decided to enjoy the ride as well - if you can't win them, join them!

Much of the inspiration, of course, comes from the virtual world. Indeed, one of the first design blogs we ever started to follow with great enthusiasm was a blog called the Brick House, written by Morgan from Hemet, California. The blog is an inspiring combination of high quality pictures and enjoyable, witty narrative. So we are not only recommending you to check it out, but also would like to sincerely thank Morgan for being the blogger "role model" for us. After enjoying the work of other bloggers, we eventually decided to start a renovation / restoration / interior design blog ourselves. And what would be a better way to get started than to purchase an apartment desperately in need of some serious work.

Chilling out

Urho is also expressing his special thanks to Morgan for including shots of His Royal Dachshundness in her recent post "RENOVATE IT". The whole Olive Green Window team really appreciates the kind words and attention, and promises not to run out of projects any time soon!


  1. Hi all at the Olive Green Window,

    Did you make the lovely wooden curtain yourselves?

    If so, any chance of a tutorial so we can all make one?

    It looks great!

    And that wee sausage is beyond cute.

  2. Hi there! Yes we made the curtain ourselves and they are really easy to make. Thanks for the hint regarding the tutorial. That sounds like a great idea so please stay tuned, we'll make an update regarding the making of curtain!

  3. I came here from The Brick House a few days ago .... and I'm so glad that I did.... I've gone through your whole blog and I just love your home and your exquisite tastes :)

  4. The whole blog?? You should be given a medal:) Thank you for your interest towards our project and welcome to the world behind the olive green window!

  5. Greetings from Minneapolis, Minnesota - I came via Brick House. Minnesota has much in common with Scandinavia - have you ever been here?

    1. Hi Minneapolis! We'v actually both been foreign exchange students in Michigan (long time ago:), but even though it's close to Minnesota, we never made it over there. I assume that there are lot of people with Scandinavian roots over there?