Jun 3, 2013

Launch of Project Downstairs

You might have thought it was the atrium we were currently focusing on - so did we! But, sometimes plans evolve along the way, and while we were waiting for a the terrace materials to arrive, to keep ourselves occupied, the Project Downstairs was initiated.

During the next few months, downstairs will experience a complete facelift including ripping off some supporting walls (yes, we do need to add a steel beam), replacing a window with a larger one and adding a glass door, getting rid of the arch, opening an entrance to the underground space (we'll explain this later), redoing the staircase and getting rid of the floor tiles and suspended ceiling. So basically - everything. The vision we have is both ambitious but at the same time very realistic, and we believe it will be quite nice once finished. You will see, sooner or later - just stay online with us!

Most of the work so far has revolved around planning (including applying for the permits from the municipal), but some concrete actions have already taken place. In other words, the demolition has already begun, and the speed of professionals is amazing. The ceiling and the insides of the storage room were gone just in two days. Now the status is "to be continued" - as soon as we get the lab results back (concerning possible asbestos)...

Here we go again...!

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