Apr 21, 2013

Spring has arrived!

Finally, finally, finally! The sun is out, snow is gone, air is warmer, and thus the promise of summer is lurking behind the corner! We just love the light that fills the living room in the morning, and so does Urho. He is very keen on finding the sunny spots to take advantage of the heat.

The bliss of sun

Pekka and Sofi like sitting in the Eames Chair together and observe the wonders of the world on the backyard. So far squirrels, rabbits, birds and dogs have been spotted. The backyard will be a future project, as at the moment it looks rather uninviting. Among other things, the fence needs to be fixed and plants trimmed, but first things first, Sofi really needs a sand box!

About to go green

Since it will take a bit of time before we will have the time to work on the backyard, as a first aid, Pekka cleaned up the downstairs "terrace to be" area. Now the renovation junk has disappeared, and the sauna wood has been organised in to an orderly pile.

Back yard from the back

Wood for sauna

We were a bit sad to lose the two beautiful pine trees last autumn (much of those two trunks are now piled up above), but for practical reasons they needed to go. Only two stumps about a meter high remain, and we have not yet decided the final height of them. It will be decided later, and will depend on the layout of the terrace and how the trunks will integrated to the design. Fortunately, one prominent representative of the pine tree species still stands proudly in the middle of the yard. It will continue the needle shedding tradition to the upstairs terrace when they time comes this year.

Grand old pine tree

A definite sign of Spring are the flowers. We have so far planted none ourselves, but this morning Pekka and Sofi spotted some blue flowers (which might also be just weed) and white crocuses. It is actually quite interesting for the first time ever to start thinking about perennials!

Blue flowers - or just weed?

Cute little crocus

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