Apr 17, 2013

Ichikawa shots from Copenhagen

No, even if it has been a while since the last posting, we are not lost in renovation or restoration. Instead, we have been doing stuff that "normal" people usually do, including travelling and spending time with our friends!

During the last few weeks we had the pleasure of enjoying the company of some quite exquisite visitors from overseas. In addition to the capital area in Finland, we also made a little exhibition to Stockholm and Copenhagen. A stolen purse and several other minor incidents will make Stockholm a good story later, but the focus of this post will be in the more successful (but cold) Copenhagen. Denmark, after all, is also the home country of some of our favourite designers and mid century modern pieces!

In Copenhagen, about to take a boat tour!

In a way, it is good we don't live in Copenhagen, as we would be absolutely broke in just a few weeks! The city is full of inviting anthique shops you can forget yourself treasure hunting for hours. During the three days in Copenhagen, we visited a few of these heavenly places and left behind some fantastic (but too large) items with tears in our eyes. For our next visit, the only option seems to be to rent a van...

We will save you from an elaborate listing of all the beautiful sights and wonderful restaurants we visited, but instead wish to share a few photos taken by a dear friend, Jeff Ichikawa, who with his wife Julie, shared the Copenhagen experience with us. Jeff is an avid photographer, and kindly allowed us to post some of our favourite shots from his collection in this blog. So in addition to a family photo, we chose a few which for one reason or another reflected the best on our Copenhagen experience. Thank you, Jeff! And thank you Julie, for bringing him over...!

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