Jan 19, 2017

Most Beautiful Home in Finland?

Why did we go on a crazy renovation frenzy last summer?

Bit surprisingly, sometimes during Spring 2016 we got committed to a Finnish TV show called Suomen Kaunein Koti (the Most Beautiful Home in Finland). Inevitably, this lead to an assessment of all the unfinished projects we wanted to complete before "going live". As the list grew quite long, not everything got finalised but having a crystal clear deadline definitely speeded up things a lot.

Guess how it look around here today?

In Suomen Kaunein Koti, the most beautiful home is selected among 30 homes. First, in each episode focusing on different category, a group of judges selects their favourite out of three homes. After 10 episodes, the Finns get to choose the winner by voting among the top 10 homes.

Filming took place last summer, and since then we have been waiting. We only knew that the show would most likely air sometimes during the first half of 2017, but nothing else. No idea how our interviews went, did we succeed in telling our story the way we have felt and experienced it. No idea of the outcome, did the judges enjoy visiting our home. And quite honestly, only vaguely remembering how everything here looked like back then, as we were pretty exhausted after such an intensive summer.

So, the wait is finally over. The season started on January 9th. Next week, on Monday January 23rd, our home will be competing against all the other beautiful Finnish homes (channel MTV3 at 20 pm). If you have access to Finnish TV, tune in and please let us know how did you like it!

The game is on. May the most beautiful home win!

Relax. What's so great about TV anyway?


  1. you have my vote!... not that it counts. =)

    i'm smitten with your home. it has to be the most beautiful.

  2. keep my fingers crossed for you

  3. Your home IS the most beautiful home in Finland! Good luck!

  4. How exciting! If there is any way to view it via the internet, be sure to let us know.

    1. MTV3 Katsomo will play it, I am not quite sure if you can watch it located outside Finland, but we will definitely past a link here and cross fingers that it would be viewable also outside Finland!

  5. Hei, kotinne on mielettömän upea! Oli hienoa huomata kuinka olette pystyneet säilyttämään aikakauden hengen asunnossa niin hyvin. Saisinko kysyä mitä kautta olette ostaneet teidän ruokapöydän yllä vilahtaneen Nelsonin valaisimen?