Sep 24, 2016

Copper cone lights

So we try to approach clearing the back log of the recent projects somewhat in a chronological order. First, the back yard, which needed some lights. We decided to keep it simple, and chose Finnish copper lights nicknamed "cone", originally produced by H.C. Westerlund.

Pekka dug the holes (manually, of course) for the three lights aligned across the yard. For Minna's pleasant surprise, he was not gutsy enough to hook up the electricity himself, but instead called our trusted electrician Kaitsu to take care of this part of the project.

So now the backyard has light. The stem of the lights may be a bit too high, but can be shortened later if we so decide. The atmosphere the cone lights create is very nice. We need to take some evening pictures now when it gets dark, it is quite charming!


  1. Looking nice! High enough to not get covered by snow when that time comes. I see you leave your clogs at the bottom of the stairs… ;).

    1. Thanks Nini! Interesting to see how much snow we get this winter. By the way, the terrace stones survived really well the winter number one, hopefully we will observe the same next spring.

    2. Oh and with the clogs...yes, we tried to be good in the beginning, but actually now with all the renovation junk gone, the terrace doesn't get that dirty even if shoes are allowed :-)

  2. Laitoin teidän bloginne seurantaan ! Kiinnostava blogi teillä !