Jul 5, 2016

Slate terrace - grand finale

Last weekend was a remarkable milestone - finishing one of the longest projects we ever launched, the slate terrace. Had we known when removing the old concrete slates and starting preparing the foundation how long the road will be, we might have considered wood instead of natural slate. Fortunately we had no idea.

The first thing to do was to sand the entire area to smooth the surface. For that, we rented a big sanding machine.

Heavy duty sanding machine

Once all sharpness was gone Pekka continued to remove all smudges of concrete and other dirt. For that, a smaller sanding machines were perfect. However, it quite quickly become evident that a very humble attitude and hours of manual labor down one's knees was required to clean the stones completely, irrespective of the machinery he was using.

Focus on the details

After cleaning the slates one by one Pekka proceeded in the washing phase. Still some pretty extensive rubbing was needed to get the area completely clean.

Manual junk removal

But when cleaned and washed, it was evident that Pekka's careful work was certainly worth every minute and effort invested in this project. It would look great.

Sanded and washed

Dry and ready for the final coat

Pekka used the same protective coating (Lantania Avo) than for the floor inside. It turns the tone of a slate slightly darker vs. the original, but does not result in a "wet-look". Also, Avo seems to have a bonus effect: it hides away tiny little grains of dirt from the stone surface (something which seems to be characteristic to this type of slate) resulting in visually more homogenous look.

Applying protective coating

A few more hours of kneeling and rubbing, and the final slates had received a protective coating. And the end result - almost too good to be true. And almost unrealistic, that it is finally ready. Patience and persistence truly do pay off.

Smooth and shiny terrace surface

Patience and persistence. Yes, I know all about that, says Urho. Two fundamental elements of begging. Just look at this face - how could you resist?

Dachshund approved


  1. Tästä tuli uskomattoman upea!
    Kiitos kun jaksoitte selostaa joka vaiheen.

  2. Kiitos kun jaksoit lukea ja seurata joskus kivistäkin taivalta! Nyt on meneillään onneksi paljon muutakin kuin pelkkää kiviterassia, niistä pian lisää!