Nov 26, 2015

Sotka by Arabia

The story below proves it once again: it is not always necessary to go farther than the sea to fish.

We have been short of espresso cups. The other day when Minna needed to find a box to send some Christmas presents she unpacked one of the final moving boxes (from three years ago). And what did she find? A set of 14 Arabia Sotka coffee cups and saucers!

Sotka cups and saucers

The forgotten tableware used to belong to Minna's grandparents and then to her mother. She kindly gave them to Minna, who packed the Sotka set securely to survive the move. Since then, she had wondered where these beautiful pieces disappeared. Clearly, the underground storage room has some black hole -like features.

Perfect for espresso

Arabia's Sotka tableware was designed by Göran Bäck and decorated by Raija Uosikkinen in 1968-69, and it was in production in 1970 - 1974. Sotka cup is quite small (diameter and height about 6 cm), just perfect for an espresso shot. The simple decoration is hand painted with deep cobalt blue colour.

So finally, we will be able to serve our guests also a visually pleasant espresso!


  1. Too good of a packing job, it seems. Beautiful dishes!

  2. Really nice, and I like the story!!