Mar 31, 2015

Déjà vu - painting

So a little while back we decided to start reorganizing one of the rooms upstairs for the baby. Up until now, it has only been in occasional use, mostly for storing and office purposes. Honestly, not much though has been invested in this room...

Can you sense my reluctancy to pose?

But finally, the growing family served as the perfect excuse to take the first step. The string bookshelf and desk moved downstairs, and after a bit of persuasion, Sofi agreed to give up her Muurame drawer units as an exchange to another drawer. We actually quite like the new location of the String shelf - not quite sure if it will be the final destination, but seems to be working quite well for now.

New temp location for the String shelf

Clearly, Pekka has been a bit short on projects lately and was eager to get down and dirty with some very basic renovation. On Saturday night, after all the furniture shuffling, he suddenly proposed we should repaint the walls. And to make a long story short, on Sunday afternoon, the task was completed.

Sofi checking out the equipment

It is funny how time flies. In September 2012, when Minna was in charge of the painting of this particular room, baby Sofi was sitting in a bouncer chair and observing. Now, she loudly and persistently demanded to have a brush on her own to be able to participate. And of course, Pekka could not wish for a better assistant! And when one basically lives in the middle of a continuous renovation, one of the benefits is that all tools are readily available. Just like this time - no need to run out to get brushes our paint, or anything else for that matter - it took only a few minutes to fetch everything from the bunker.

Set - ready!

It was a fun weekend - our idea of "family quality time". And the walls, of course, look so much better. The after pictures will follow, once we get the furniture in place...

Master and apprentice

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