Sep 8, 2014

About Visions

This post will be completely unaligned with our usual style. First, there will be no visuals. Second, it does not concern a concrete step in our never-ending renovation saga or describe an interesting restoration project. Third, it is not a collaborative effort as our posts usually are but written by Minna alone.

This post is about respect for those who are truly visionary. And perhaps even more importantly, respect for those who are passionate and determined to go for their vision and make it real.

Indeed. Vision – strategy – implementation. A trilogy recited to the point of exhaustion in strategic planning.  I don’t think there is anything interesting or exceptional I could add to this well-analyzed framework. But during the past two years, I have made some Project Olive Green Window related observations, a bit of food for thought. Guess one could also call them learnings.

First, it really seems to be true what is said about realism: it is the worst enemy of creating an appealing vision. It is not often easy to let one’s mind to fly unrestricted. One should also be able to imagine having pockets as deeps as a millionaire’s and a mind as powerful as Neo’s, who was able to modify the matrix at will. Anything less will result to a poor outcome and should be discarded as “suboptimal”.

Second, it is not a single strategy that can lead to a successful end result. Strategies should be flexible and adaptable. It is fine NOT to have all the answers at the starting line. And NOT every single corner needs to be polished and fine-tuned before the kick off. A general strategy outline is very often more than sufficient. Really, NO need to be perfect.

Finally, successful implementation resolves around three basic things: confidence, patience and extremely hard work, which will eventually enable almost anything. Very few of us do indeed have the pockets of a millionaire. Many have a tendency to expect too much in an unrealistic schedule. And even fewer are ready to commit to the countless hours of work – always, always add a zero to the end and you might get close to what is really required. But smart choices made at the right time combined with sweat and occasional tears forms the recipe that pay’s off in the end. And the driving force, the true source of energy, is of course the vision often regarded as unrealistic at start.

But most of all, one should have no fear. Fear for “Aiming too High”, fear for “Facing Problems or Frustration”, or fear of “Failure” are just a few examples of the innumerable silent killers, which efficiently suck the life out of any promising project. And usually they come in so well disguised that the poor mind lacks a proper chance for a fair defense. Instead, crazy and unrealistic is the way to go. That is, if you want to make extraordinary things happen.

And finally, perhaps the most important learning: I am really not one of those fearless, visionary people. Quite the contrary. But I am honored and lucky to share a life with one.

And needless to say, I am thankful for every single minute.


  1. Word.

    Me, jotka ei satuta olemaan suuria visionäärejä, voidaan yhdistellä suurten visionäärien älynväläyksiä ja tehdä niistä omanlaisiamme.

    Ninni, ei-niin-luova mutta kekseliäs.

  2. Juuri näin, Ninni, kaikki omilla vahvuuksillaan! Ja me ehkä ei niin luovat mutta kekseliäät olemme myös mestareita valitsemaan itsellemme parasta mahdollista seuraa!

  3. Tai sitten me ollan hyviä löytämään kivoja blogeja, joista inspiroitua :D